About Us

OWI Engineering is an R&D company composed of young and dynamic team members who analyze the needs of the sector at every point touched by technology and have the task of providing professional service to its customers.

OWI Engineering, which is the primary choice of our customers, who want to take the right steps to be among the winners and get professional service, has brought many unknowns with it in the industrial world.

Our company, which was established with the mission of accomplishing the most complex works in our field with practical solutions, primarily carries out R&D studies in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, electronics, real-time software and offers industrial solutions to its customers.

Our Mission and Vision

By adopting technology as a way of life, OWI Engineering has adopted the principle of responding to customer requests at every stage from the beginning to the end in a more economical and faster way with the desired better quality.
It is one of the main duties of our business to follow the developments of our age without compromising engineering. Our aim is to continue in accordance with the contemporary quality values and international standards at every stage of the production that we will undertake in the future as before.
One of our important missions is to provide complete customer satisfaction by offering the highest value and quality to its customers in all its activities and to maintain this continuous.