Industrial Solutions

We provide services for projecting, designing, developing and putting into use industrial applications. These applications are designed according to the needs of our customers and projected using appropriate technologies.


We are engaged in the design and development of IoT, image processing, robotics, artificial intelligence and real-time applications for use in the manufacturing industry, defense industry and other sectors. Technologies suitable for the needs are determined and these technologies are used in project development. In addition, we also provide consultancy on software.

Electronic Design

According to customer needs, we provide electronic circuit design service.

Mechanic Design

We provide mechanical design service required according to the project requirements.

R&D and Consultancy

We develop R&D projects and provide consultancy with our expert engineers who have gained years of experience in the sector in R&D projects.

Product Supply

As OWI Engineering, we also supply industrial automation products. We supply many panel materials such as industrial computers, PLCS, servo motors, motor drivers etc. of many brands such as GMT, ABB, Schneider, Siemens and Beckhoff.